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Pictionary #4653
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Neo #1844
A discord bot aimed to simulate the classic game Pictionary. Drawing and guessing of pictures!
Owner: Neo #1844 Prefix: ~, @bot


Pictionary is a discord bot aimed to recreate the classic game Pictionary. This is how it works:

  • When a lobby is initiated(~start command used), every participant is required to prove their activity. This, as of the latest update, is recognized as replying ready. If any of the participants fail to prove activity within 30 seconds, the game will consequently fail to start.
  • After every participant has proven their activity, the game will begin after 5 seconds. Chat will be disabled until the first drawing is submitted.
  • A member is then chosen to submit a drawing of a random theme. You can draw the theme on literally anything, you can draw it on a piece of paper, take a picture, and DM the bot, you can draw the picture on MS paint and send the bot, literally anything!. If they fail to submit the picture within a time frame of 60 seconds, they will receive a deduction and the game will continue onto another person in the queue.
  • If however the member successfully submitted the drawing, the other participants will have a timeframe of 70 seconds to guess.
  • The first person to correctly answer will receive a few points.
  • This process is iterated through every member and every round.
  • A snap of the visual tutorial that comes aboard with Pictionary. full image