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Among Us Statistics, leaderboards, trophies, graphs, api, FUN commands like eject/kill/button!

Among Stats

Send a screenshot of your statistics of Among Us and the bot will automatically help you track and compare your statistics with friends within the server. They will be available on You will be able to see a leaderboard for each statistic and try to reach #1 among your friends.

Fun commands

  • ;eject [user]
  • ;kill [user]
  • ;button

The kill and button command play a random cool GIF. Some are rarer than others! Use eject to eject people, kill to kill people, and button to press the button for an emergency!

Try ;help for help and other commands.

Website statistics features

You can upload your stats to the website with a screenshot on Discord, or with one of our tools you can install. You can see graphs of your stats changing over time, see trophies and a leaderboard in your Discord server!