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Akari is a helpful bot, that comes with features such as server statistics, RSS-like feeds, music, starboards, and more to come.
Owner: Lost#8332 Prefix: a. (configurable)


Made with users in mind, Akari is developed with emphasis on user experience and does so with

  • in-depth and convenient help pages
  • helpful tips along the corner whenever needed
  • an intuitive design


As with any bot, Akari comes with a bunch of features including

  • 📊 A “Servistic” (server statistic) module, which lets you display certain server stats as channels for everyone to see.
  • 📬 A RSS-like feed system where you can create your own feeds, have people join them, and send messages to your feeds for anyone subscribed to receive!
  • 🎧 A music module, which can play both YouTube and Spotify, for people to play in voice-channels!
  • ⭐ Starboards to save memories in text channels!
  • 🔨 Moderation commands

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