Clare Bot gets anime images, gifs, and reactions using new Slash Commands!

This is a bot for getting images from

It does not collect data on its users and even uses Discord’s new slash-commands.

You can type / and see a full list of all the commands (make sure you are on the latest Dicord client)

Most of the commands are listed here:

  • avatar - get an anime avatar
  • blush - get a blush gif or image
  • hug - get a hug gif or image
  • kiss - get a kiss gif or image
  • neko - neko
  • nom - om nom nom
  • pat - pat pet pet pat pot pet pat pot pet pet pot?
  • pout - pout gifs
  • slap - wa-pow!!1
  • smug - smug face
  • poke - poke a user
  • tickle - tickle another user
  • wallpaper - wallpapers

Non-image commands:

  • invite - get the invite for the bot
  • privacy - privacy stuff for the bot
  • report - report a low-quality or bad image
  • ping - get the bot ping

For a list of all of the commands, including some not listed here, do /help.

If you need help for the bot, click join support server on the right side of this page (or below if you are on mobile).

Make sure the bot has permissions to view the channel if some commands are not working.

More information for privacy and stuff can be found in /privacy.