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Timetable #4483
t. (configurable)
Owner: electromeow #0001 Library:
A bot to create timetables&reminders and be informed when an event(e.g. an online meeting) has started.
Owner: electromeow #0001 Prefix: t. (configurable)

Timetable Bot

Don’t wanna be late to your online lessons, meetings, or other events? Then invite this bot to create weekly timetables and reminders to be informed when an event on your timetable has started.
It’s primarily made for students who don’t wanna be late to online lessons. But it is useful for everyone using Discord daily.

Don’t want to miss or be late for nothing?

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This is the main command of this bot. You can create weekly timetables using this command and the bot will inform you each week when an event on your timetable has started.
It will ask you for your events on your weekly timetable and the times of them. You can pass a “nope” for the times on the timetable you don’t wanna be informed.
It will also ask for the channel to notification will be sent, the people/roles to be mentioned, and a password as a precaution. It will give you a timetable ID when your timetable is created successfully. Note the reminder ID and password, else you can’t change or delete your timetable.


This is a command for creating single-use reminders.
Using subcommands create/add, you can create a single-use reminder.
Using subcommands delete/remove, you can cancel the reminder when your event is cancelled.


This is a command for pandemic process. It has 3 subcommand. Using top10 subcommand, you can see the top 10 countries with the most COVID-19 cases.
Using subcommand country, you can see a specific country’s COVID-19 stats.
Using global subcommand, you can see global COVID-19 stats.
We hope that this pandemic process will end as soon as possible.


A command to count down a number of seconds and then remind you.


This is the command to change the protective password of the timetable with the given ID.
Each timetable has a password to protect people trying to troll you.


This command is used to change the people to mention of the timetable with the given ID when an event has started.


Command to change the announcement channel of the timetable with the ID given.


Command to delete your timetable.


Command to access the bot list websites’ links that there you can find invite links of the bot.


Command to get the vote links on bot list websites’ to support the bot.


A command to download your timetable in CSV format that you can open using Excel(or alternatives of it).


Sends the Discord API Token of the bot to make you hack it(!).


Shows the next event on that day in the timetable with the given ID, the time the event begins, and how much time is left before it begins.


You can see your timetable with the given ID in a tabular form.
You obtain an image so you can also print your timetable.


Help command.


Command to change the prefix for that server. You need “Manage Server” permission to use that.

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