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Inumaki #2936
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Inumaki is an Anime Bot with a lot of commands such as; Information, Moderation, Config, Image, Search, Misc, Commands! It also has a welcoming system that you can configure any time!

Inumaki Bot

Inumaki is an Anime Discord Bot, with a lot of configurable, fun, helpful, and exciting commands; and some commands are coming on the bot soon!


❓ Information Commands

  • user, server, message, help, etc.

πŸ”¨ Moderation Commands

  • ban, kick, slowmode, etc.

πŸ”© Config Commands

  • disable, enable, system, etc.

🎨 Image Commands

  • eject, pet, avatar-fusion, etc.

πŸ”Ž Search Commands

  • anime, manga, define, what-anime, etc.

πŸ“‘ Misc Commands

  • afk, snipe, editsnipe, etc.

🏠 Support Server

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