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Krix #3180
krix & :
Krish #7476
This is Krix. A multi purpose discord bot. It has many fun, gif, moderation commands and more and more are being added. You will surely have fun inviting it to your server.
Owner: Krish #7476 Prefix: krix & :

Hello, I am Krix.

A multi purpose utlity bot made by Krish. It’s build on discord.js library made to interact with discord.

I have many fun commands too for non mod members to play with me :)

I have lots of commands and on continues development.

I have many gif commands like kiss, hug, pat, baka, smug, tickle, poke, slap and many more…

I also have lots of moderation commands like channel name, channel topic, kick, lock, hide, nickname and many many more…

I have a global prefix : and krix

If you find any bug you can report it via :bugreport command.

If you wanna appreciate my owner you can leave a small feedback via :feedback

I hope you will add me now 😃

I don’t have any database to save any of your personal data. You can use me fearlessly. But trying to spam or performing any act against the Tos may result you get banned from me. I am also against the usage of macros and self bot.