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Bob16077777 #8971
Bob16077777 #7473
A multipurpose bot that can enhance your discord server with auto moderation, fun commands, music system, and AI conversation!

The Bob16077777 bot is an amazing bot that will make your Discord server’s user expeience more enjoyable and fun for anyone and everyone in it. When you add it to your server, type ‘help’ to get started! The bot will send you a DM with all of its commands. Thats it, no prefix, no anything! The reason for this is because I have recently added a conversation feature! The bot has an AI function that you can talk with! Cool, right? Imagine, in real life, would you say, ‘Exclamation mark hello!’ to someone? Or ‘Question mark how are you’? Therefore I hope you enjoy my bot and please let me know if you have any questions!