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MC status MC status#7551
A Discord bot that will display, log and graph the status and statistics of a Minecraft server. πŸ“ˆ
Owner: unknown Prefix: mc!

MC status bot πŸ€– πŸ“ˆ

Let everyone in your Discord server quickly see the status of a mc server:


Create graphs, and log the status of a server:



By putting the word β€˜bedrock’ or just the letter β€˜b’ the bot will ping this ip using the bedrock protocol.

Admin command:

mc!help List all the commands and what they do.

mc!log [on/off] Turn logging on or off.

mc!setip [ip] [bedrock] Set the ip that will be monitored. You can use this command to change the ip at any time.

mc!setup [ip] [bedrock] Create the two channels that will display the server status.

mc!rmchann Removes the monitoring channels

Normal commands:

mc!ping [ip] [bedrock] Ping a specified ip. You can use the command with no arguments to ping the ip specified by using the mc!setip command.

mc!chart uptime Create a chart of players online over time on the server.

mc!chart playersonline Create a chart of server uptime and calculate the uptime percentage.

mc!chart mostactive Create a bar chart with the number of minutes each player spent on th server.

mc!news Get the latest articles from

mc!ip Return the default ip of the guild

mc!bug Report a bug in the bot

ℹ️ Notes

  • Read the privacy policy here.
  • Logging is turned off by default! You can turn it on by using the mc!log command.
  • The bot logs the status of the server every 5 minutes and it keeps 24 hours of logs.
  • When the bot leaves a server all logs and info connected to that servers guild id will be deleted.
  • This bot is still very new so there are bound to be some bugs. Please report any that you encounter as a issue on github.
  • The profile picture for this bot is based on the computer from the ComputerCraft mod. The original picture can be found here. The original image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License, thus the modified image is licensed under the same licence.