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Pet Bot #7912
Owner: ダーガ #6666 Library:
A fun bot where you can adopt your own virtual pet, take care of him, and play with him.

How to use PetBot? Everything starts with adoption. Use p-adopt to see available pets. Every 24hours the pets are changing so don’t be sad if you won’t see your pets on adopt menu.

Reacting with 1 or 2 will open information about the chosen pet. Reaction with green circle will adopt the pet.

Be aware, if you want to adopt a turtle or fish you need to buy an aquarium in the shop using p-buy aquarium. Once you got your pet you can look at him using a command p-mypets.

Now when you have your own virtual pet you have to take care of him. You can feed him p-feed, give him a drink p-drink, go out with him p-goout, pet him p-pet, put him asleep p-sleep, wash him p-wash, give him some treats p-treat or play with him p-play. For p-play, you need to buy toys in a p-shop.

Want to see all possible pets, colors, and skins? Use p-pets.

Every pet you adopt will start growing. In the next 100 hours, the pet will grow from a baby → teen → adult.

Don’t like the color of your pet? Don’t worry, we have at least 3 color variations of every pet.

Also, every pet has its own special skin. Like a rabbit, rabbit’s special skin is an Easter rabbit.

Where to get pet skin? In crates. You can get them from p-daily command.