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PowerBot Is A Multi-purpose Bot, It has Admin, Games, Images, Fun, Giveaways, Info, Welcome, Protection, Premium, Youtube, Leveling, Voice

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  • Power Bot is a compact and easy to use multipurpose discord bot with loads of commands and features like moderation, giveaways, protection, youtube, voice, leveling and more!

Power About

Power About

  • Games Commands You Can play many games with your friends And spend enjoyful time playing with your friends!

Commands : aki, akiar, betrayal, c4, chaosWords, chess, fast-type, fight, fishing, guessthenumber, gunfight, horcerace, love, memory, poker, quickclick, rps, snake, sudo, xo, wouldyourather, press-button

Power About

  • Fun Commands Power Fun Commands Have a lot of fun and helpful information!

Commands : advice, ascii, calculate, coinflip, fact, joke, motivation, rip, say, status, tts, why

Power About

β€’Moderation Commands *Power Have a Very Controlling Commands to moderate, control, config your server perfectly!

Commands : addemoji, clear, disablexp, enablexp, disable, enable, lock, log-toggle, message, nuke, removeemoji, role, setautorole, setembedcolor, setlang, setlevelschannel, setline, setnick, setprefix, setimagesonlychannel, setuplogs, slowmode, unban all, unlock, warn

And Much Commands Waiting For you.

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