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Advanced notifications for downtime of your bot

Status Checker

Advanced notifications of service downtime

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What is this?

Picture this, it's 4am and suddenly your bot goes down. Users begin complaining and flooding your support channel. Nobody is online to help.

Status Checker aims to solve this problem. With just a few commands, you can have notifications for your bot setup so that the instant your bot goes offline, your members are aware of it. Custom down messages and automatically publishing them for free.


This bot aims to offer the widest range of support for the widest range of services. That's why you can watch bots, Minecraft servers, websites and more whilst logging them to your emails, discord servers and custom webhooks.

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Contributions are absaloutely welcome. Please read our Contributing Guidles before you start your contribution. Self hosting is more complex and not recommended. If you want to self host, please read our Self Hosting Guide, however we take no responsibility for this.

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