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Phasmo Helper #6206
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Lots of tools and challenges to enhance your gaming experience on Phasmophobia!

Phasmo Helper will give you lots of tools for your Phasmophobia experience.

It will help you:

  • decide what map to play next by picking one randomly for you

  • draft the player that will have to talk alone to the ghost

  • kill the boredom by offering you a random challenge

  • narrow down the ghost type from the evidence you have collected

    The only permission it requires is to respond to discord messages, **it doesn't mess with the game in any way**, it's not a mod.
    **Available commands:**
  • ❓ /help: list of commands

  • πŸ”¦ /random item: pick a random item

  • πŸ—ΊοΈ /random map LIST: choose a random map between those indicated. If List is empty, it will consider every map.

  • 🎲 /random hero A B C: Pick a random player. Useful when you have to decide who must talk alone with the ghost.

  • πŸŒ€ /spin CHALLENGE_NAME: spin the wheel of the challenge CHALLENGE_NAME, if it has one.

  • βš”οΈ /challenge: pick a random challenge. Get a list of challenges and their description with /challenge info CHALLENGE_NAME

  • πŸ‘» /ghost: Info and trivia about a ghost type.

  • πŸ”Ž /clues CLUES: Show which ghosts are possible with those clues and which evidence is lacking.

  • 🎟️ /invite: Invite the bot or get an invite to the Support Server

    A special thank you to Destiny, that allowed me to include his -> [Phasmophobia Trait Challenge]( in my bot.

    If you want to help me maintaining my project, you can:
  • give me feedback in the linked discord server

  • upvote the bot

  • suggest new challenges

  • offer me a coffee on -> ko-fi. It will help me keep the bot online :)

    Have fun!