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; (slash commands supported)
A collection of some extremely entertaining games to play on discord!
Owner: Vishnu Prefix: ; (slash commands supported)

Bringing the popular party game minesweeper (and many others!) to discord! You can now play the classic minesweeper game with a few extra features! Donโ€™t be restricted to classic board sizes and choose whichever dimensions you want! Play games against your friends and try to finish the game in the least number of moves possible! Create tournaments to play against other people in your server! Finish games as fast as you can and get onto the global leaderboard! Battle your friends for the top spot on your personal server leaderboards! Get personal profiles that store your stats on the bot! Worried about other people seeing your stats, change the profile settings to private only! The all-new minesweeper, right on discord!

Rules to play minesweeper:

  1. Behind each circle is either a bomb, a number, or nothing.
  2. If you hit a bomb you lose the game.
  3. The number signifies how many bombs are there behind the circles adjacent to it (diagonals included).
  4. If you know the location of a bomb, you can place a flag over there for reference.
  5. Open up all the circles without the bombs to win the game!


;help: Open the guide.

;minesweeper: Start a new minesweeper game in an 8x8 grid with 8 bombs. Tag someone in your server to play a game against them!

;ms: Alias of ;minesweeper.

;minesweepercustom: Start a custom minesweeper game.

;mscustom: Alias of ;minesweeper custom.

;tournament: Start a minesweeper tournament in your server!

;leaderboard: View the global leaderboard.

;lb: Alias of ;leaderboard.

;serverleaderboard: View the server leaderboard.

;serverlb: Alias of ;server leaderboard.

;profile: View your personal minesweeper bot profile. Tag someone else to view their profile as well!

;profile settings private/public: Control who can view your profile. By default it is set to public.

;theme settings light/dark: Change the theme the bot uses for your games. By default it is set to dark.

;delete: Delete all your data on the minesweeper bot.

;other: View other games that can be played on the bot!

Complete list of other games: Connect 4, Othello, Mastermind, Yahtzee, Battleship, Hangman, Uno, Wordle, 2048, Trivia, Flags