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Cori Cori#0605
Cori is a bot that curates web2 social media content, realizing creator ownership and decentralization storage.
Owner: Ada Prefix: /

dAgoraโ€™s first module, Cori, enables users to deposit valuable content from digital communities onto the blockchain, with decentralized storage and ownership confirmation. The MVP version of Cori is a Discord-based bot, that allows members to curate conversations by adding summaries and tagging. Curated conversations are then stored on a blockchain, including information such as the Discord server ID, channel, author, and curator.

Coriโ€™s content is stored on IPFS, and content rights information is stored on the public chain Crossbell. Any Discord moderator can add Cori to their server, allowing members to save the best content on the chain. In the future, Cori will support more social scenarios beyond Discord.

Cori user guide: ๐Ÿ‘‡

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