## Terms of Service **Last updated:** December 15th, 2018 These Terms of Service ("Terms," "ToS") represent our rules, policy, and guidelines for using our Services ("API," "website," community"). Please make sure to fully read and understand these Terms prior to using our website ("discord.bots.gg," "website"), Discord Server ("community," "server"), or other Services ("Services") operated by Discord Bots ("Us," "We," "Our"). By using our Service, you understand and agree you give up your ability to dispute these Terms except through contacting us. ### Introduction These Terms are a binding legal agreement between you the User, "User," and us. By visiting or using our website or API, "API," now known as our "Services" you agree you are 13 years or older and that you read, agree, and accept being bound by these Terms. We reserve the rights to update these Terms at any time, with or without notice, for any reason including but not limited to changes in law and features being added to the website. Disputes over changes should be handled through an abuse and dispute report, as reads below. #### Accessibility You, the user, may access our public services if in compliance with our conduct policy. We reserve the right to disable, change, or rebuild the Service temporarily or permanently at any time with or without notice. Access to these Services is a privilege and can be revoked at any time for any reason stated in our conduct policy. Bots and automated programs may access the Service, if in compliance with our developer policy and conduct policy. Accessibility may be limited in countries, territories, or regions located outside of North America and the European Union. We do not accept any liability for the limitations or provide any official support for non-English speaking nations. All limitations on access or language can be reported to our Policy & Privacy Team with no guarantee of improved Service. #### Conduct and Expectations By agreeing to these Terms, you agree to not use these Services for any reason not expressly stated in these Terms. Our Services are intended to be used for bot searching, bot listing, and updating bot information. These Services uphold a basic conduct policy as follows. You, the user, agree to: * Not fake information submitting to our services * Not display toxic behavior to the Staff or other users * Not attempt to, or succeed in, taking other users private information * Not participate in any illegal activity on Discord or our services * Not ignore or stand against non-invasive staff directives We respect that behavior outside our Services, unless potentially hazardous to our Services, shall not impact access or abilities on the Service. Breaking these Terms could lead to being removed, temporarily or permanently, at any time. #### Communications By agreeing to these Terms, the user agrees to open electronic communication between the Service and them. We have the right to collect your email and Discord information to contact you at any time for matters related to the Service. All non-priority communications, including but limited to marketing notices, will not be sent without prior consent. The Service agrees to be open to communications from users to Moderators, "Staff," or our Privacy & Policy Team. All disputes can be handled as read below in the Terms. #### Intellectual Property, Data, and Copyright All information, assets, data, and intellectual property sent on our Services belong to their original owners, and we do not accept responsibility or ownership for any content distributed on our Services. Our Services own only our brand assets and assets related to our operation. As a Service, we collect, encrypt, and store all data sent on our platform. We do not sell, process, or use data for any purpose outside of making our Services work as intended. All complaints, questions, and requests about data collection, GDPR, and DMCA requests should be forwarded to our Policy & Privacy Team at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and will be responded to within 28 days. We comply with all GDPR policies, except when exempt, including "right to be forgotten" and "no end-user-data collection from any user under the age of 16." We are currently exempt from providing data releases upon request, and will send out a notice if this changes. #### Abuse and Disputes PLEASE READ THIS SECTION IN DETAIL, THE CONTENT COULD IMPACT LEGAL PROCEEDINGS AND YOUR RIGHT TO PURSUE LEGAL ACTION. Our abuse and dispute policy is as follows; * If you had action taken against you for noncompliance with our conduct policy, please contact a Moderator in our [community](https://discord.gg/xbgUBZQ). * If you would like to report abuse of our Services, please contact a Moderator in our [community](https://discord.gg/xbgUBZQ). * If you would like to be forgotten by our Service, requests for removal can be emailed to our Privacy & Policy Team. * If your copyright or brand has been infringed on, requests for assistance or DMCA filings can be emailed to our Privacy & Policy Team. Any users with no prior legal experience can receive free support with DMCA filing and investigations via our Privacy & Policy Team. * If you have a lawsuit or legal complaint with us, you agree to send an email to our Privacy & Policy Team to discuss and escalate a dispute before filing legal All legal disputes will be handled out of the Denver (NA) or Germany (EU) area. Any and all users not complying with the above abuse and dispute policy will be marked as no-priority. --- ### Developer Policies Our Services provided include developer-only tools and access, which includes our API and specific on-website permissions. The developer policy applies to utilize these Services. #### Accessibility As a developer using our Services you're agreeing to our accessibility guidelines, which include; Access to our API, full control over your user data, bot profile, and whether you are listed, except in cases where you violate our conduct policy and are limited or delisted from our Services. We do not permit automating the website or API, except for the purpose of querying data. Any and all access should not hit our rate-limits or be used as an attempt to slow down or break the website. Users should not attempt to add, modify, or delete bots from our website at any point in time unless they become a Staff member. Reverse-engineering our website is not supported, allowed, or tolerated. We only permit developers aged 13+ to have access to our website and API, users under this age can be banned at any time for up to their 14th birthday. #### Listing Policy Throughout our Services, we have standards as to what type of organizations and products can be listed on our website. These following items will usually lead to removal or denial; * Being in violation of the [Discord ToS](https://discordapp.com/Terms). * Unsolicited announcements or advertisements. * Promoting or committing illegal activity or behavior. * Malicious, abusive, or spam-like behavior. * Public displayed credentials (account information, tokens, keys). * Public versions of self-host bots ran by a 3rd party. * Having less than 75% uptime per week and/or more than 2-3 days of concurrent downtime. * Limiting features through other bot websites. * Other negative behaviors or traits, as determined by Staff. Being listed on the website generally consists of meeting the above requirements when in a queue before being listed, and then any outstanding behaviors after being listed can be moderated. If your bot gets listed on our Services, you agree to remain in our server or lose your listing upon leaving. #### Data and Security All data processed on our website is stored securely and not transmitted externally, with the exception of public API queries that include data like a bots description, name, server count. No data can be accessed outside of our database, except when displayed on the website or grabbed through an API query. We accept all responsibility for the security of data in our Services. We will publicly announce any and all data breaches if and when they happen, including an explanation of all data exposed via a news release on our blog. After a data breach we will take proper action to improve our security indefinitely. --- ### Overview The goal of these Terms is to protect both us and you, clearly defining the difference between accepted and unaccepted behavior. These Terms define both legal and civil protections for all parties involved. As a user or developer you agree to; * Follow our conduct policy, without exception * Allow us to collect data you upload, or that is related to your Discord account * Allow us to communicate with you as needed * Moderate the content you upload or transmit through our Services * Provide a notice to Privacy & Policy Team prior to legal action * Not automate or reverse-engineer our website in a way that doesn't comply with our above Terms * Not use our website or Services until you are 13 years of age or older #### Warranty and Liability The Services provided are provided "as is" with no warranty or liability for any outcomes of using this Service and/or any content you may or may not interact with on our Service. Our Service is used at your own risk, and you agree we are not liable for past, current, or future events that are associated with our Service or involve content on our Service. You proceed on our platform with no protections except as provided in these Terms. You are agreeing to indemnify our Service against all possible situations that might arise, except as stated under our abuse policy. #### Acknowledgement By using the Service, you acknowledge all of the above Terms. You acknowledge that, even if you have not read the full Terms, you will comply and follow all guidelines stated in these Terms and be held accountable to our conduct policy. #### General Discord Bots - The project that owns and is represented by this document. Terms of Service - This document, in full. Policy - Sections of this document inform about rules, guidelines, and terms. User - Someone who uses the site. Developers - Someone who lists a bot or uses the API. Staff - Moderators, Verifiers, or Administrators of Discord Bots. Privacy & Policy Team - Internal staff team that handles legal compliance, legal requests, and policy. Website - [Discord Bots website](https://discord.bots.gg). Server - [Discord Bots server](https://discord.gg/xbgUBZQ). API - Application programming interface. Communication - Email or direct messages between two sources. Uptime - Percentage of time online, calculated by time online divided by total time.