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GiveawaysBot GiveawaysBot#6943
Bot to launch a giveaways

Quite a simple bot for giveaways with control over voice channels, customization of the button for taking part! You can create a giveaway immediately after the invitation to the server, no additional configuration is required!

The language of the bot is automatic, depending on the language of your server, but it can be configured

Here is a list of my commands:

/giveaway create - Interactively create a giveaway via a modal window /giveaway start - Create a giveaway using parameters /giveaway end - End the giveaway /giveaway delete - Delete a giveaway /giveaway list - View a list of active giveaways /giveaway reroll - Replay a giveaway /settings show - View current settings /settings set color - Set color for embed /settings set emoji - Set the text or emoji for the giveaway button /settings set language - Set the language of the bot