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ChadCounting ChadCounting#1476
Say goodbye to ruined counts with ChadCounting, the bot that never misses a count. Count as high as you can and become the ultimate gigachad.


ChadCounting is a Discord bot that makes it easy for users on a server to collaborate on counting. With an emphasis on accuracy and reliability, ChadCounting is the ideal choice for gigachads who want to push their skills to the limit. In contrast to other counting bots, ChatCounting is specifically optimized to prevent incorrect counting on the bots side, making it the perfect tool for your server’s counting needs.

As an avid user of counting bots myself, one of the main issues I’ve encountered with other counting bots is that they had difficulty counting themselves. Most of the time, when the count was ruined, it was not because of our inability to count like chads, but the counting bot’s inability to keep up with our chadness. For example, the counting bot went offline, didn’t count our counts, then when it came back online it told us we’ve ruined the count and should start over. Or the bot ignored our correct count, we counted the number again, and it told us we can’t count twice in a row. Frustrating for highly-capable counting chads. That’s why I’ve developed ChadCounting.

One of the distinctive features of ChadCounting is the catch-up feature. In case ChadCounting or Discord is offline for a bit (e.g. due to maintenance), the bot catches up to missed counts and lets you know that it did so. This means that when ChadCounting didn’t respond with an emoji to your message, you can still continue counting, because you can have the peace of mind that the bot will catch up to you. But of course, that’s not the only distinctive feature!


  • Counting from 1 to infinity in one designated Discord channel,
  • Users must follow counting rules, such as preventing double counting, not counting backwards, and skipping counts,
  • Users can get banned temporarily for counting mistakes, with severity determined by an exponential U-curve,
  • Built-in troll prevention to severely penalize users who intentionally disrupt the count,
  • Flexible customization options, including the ability to modify ban settings and bot reactions,
  • Keeps track of user and server statistics, like correct and incorrect counts and high scores,
  • Catches up on missed counts if users counted while the bot was offline,
  • Works seamlessly across an unlimited number of servers,
  • Counts any message that starts with a number.


To configure the bot for the first time, add it to your Discord server and use the /set channel command to let the bot know where it should keep track of counting. After that, ChadCounting is up and running and you can start competing!


The following commands could be used:

  • /set channel: sets the counting channel the bot will be active in.
  • /set reactions: allows you to change the way the bot reacts when you count.
  • /set banning: allows you to change banning settings, for instance, the ban duration.
  • /count current: shows you the current recorded count in case you’re unsure.
  • /count highest: shows the server’s high score and the average score.
  • /stats user: gives counting statistics of a user and tells you if you’re a chad.
  • /stats server: shows the ranks of all users in the server based on their counting performance.
  • /stats global: shows the best servers participating in ChadCounting.
  • /banrate: shows how hard you will be penalized for making a mistake at different counts.
  • /help: gives basic information about ChadCounting.