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Cyberblox Cyberblox#1714
Cyberblox: The New Roblox to discord Verification + More!

What Is Cyberblox?

Cyberblox is a Roblox-Discord Bot with much more than the standard verification, featuring lots of commands to help your group for free. Most features provided by Cyberblox have never been seen on a Roblox-Discord Bot before!

Popular Features:

  • Roblox - Discord Verification
  • Roblox Group Linkage
  • Roblox Lookup
  • Roblox Statistics
  • Roblox Group Management
  • Reaction Roles
  • Server Management
  • And Much More!

With Cyberblox you can set up your whole server with just one bot, no need to have tons of bots when you can have one that does it all!

Cyberblox is always changing and getting updates to give you the things you need join our Support Server to learn more about what Cyberblox can do for you!

Pro-Tip: Use our online dashboard to easily configure Cyberblox!

Get Support! We understand that learning new things may be challenging but we try our best to make simple and easy-to-use systems so you donโ€™t waste hours trying to set up your server! In the event you do need support like most Discord bots, we offer free support to all users simply join our support server!