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Hourai Hourai#7402
The world's most advanced security and moderation bot for Discord.

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Hourai is a Discord Bot focused on safety, security, administration, and automation. Written in Python 3.7+. Hourai is a bot built to help ease moderation of communities of any size, offering features that work with servers of 10 users to those with well over 100,000.


Moderation, Safety, and Security Features

  • Comprehensive Validation System - run background checks against new users. Discourages problematic users, limits user bot damage, and curbs abuse.
  • Highly Configurable Automation System - run arbitrary bot actions in response to virtually any Discord event, and comes with a powerful configurable auto-mod. (Partially implemented)
  • Configurable Moderation Utilties - simplify mod mental overhead by establishing a well known escalation ladder to deal with problematic users. (Partially implemented).
  • Community Moderation Tools - take a load off of your mod team by letting the community moderate itself. (Not yet implemented).
  • Anti-Raid Tools - automatically or manually shut down raids (Partially implemented)
  • Identity Tracking Tools - users changing usernames to avoid punishment? Hourai keeps track of their 20 latest usernames.

Informative / Fun Features

  • Feeds - pulls near-realtime feeds from a variety of sources, including Reddit, RSS, Danbooru, etc.
  • Music Bot - play music from YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and other public services in voice chat!

Misc Features

  • Self Serve Roles: Allow server users to get their own roles via bot command.