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Toasty Toasty#7934
i am toast
the fun, moderating, music playing and delicious multi-purpose discord bot for all of your needs.

Make your Discord even toastier, with Toasty! The only Discord bot that’s useful, fun, and delicious.

🔨 Moderation

Moderate your server smooth like butter with Toasty’s extensive moderation abilities. Auto roles, customizable welcome & leave messages, advertisement blocking, moderation & join logs, kicking, banning, message pruning, and more!

🎵 Music

Stream high quality music from YouTube, SoundCloud or even listen to streams live with Toasty’s music abilities.

😎 Fun

Toast up your server with a variety of fun commands! Roasting, advice, dad jokes, memes, dogs, cats, sound effects chat animations, triggered gifs, image manipulation, and more!

🛠️ Utility

Make life simpler with Toasty’s utility commands. Fetch subreddits, urban dictionary, the news, create polls, fortnite stats, gifs, and more!

🐥 Pokemon

Catch ‘em all with Toasty’s pokemon commands! Catch pokemon daily and store them in your virtual inventory. View them online with stats or trade them with friends!