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Owner: duncte123#1245 Library:
A chat bot with mod and music commands (plays from spotify)
Owner: duncte123#1245 Prefix: db! db. or custom

DuncteBot is a bot with a lot of features like mod commands.

If you require any support, please join our support guild

A full list of all the commands can be found here.

Basic usage

If you want more info on a command use db!help [command]

@DuncteBot#1758 <message> chat with the bot

db!help gives you the help in a dm (if the bot can’t DM you it will send the message in chat)

db!join makes the bot join your voice channel

db!play makes the bot play a song

db!pplay makes the bot play a playlist

db!stop stops the music

db!leave makes the bot leave your channel

db!settings allows you to alter some settings on the bot like if we should welcome users on join or what the join message should be

db!setPrefix allows you to set a custom prefix for the bot

db!toggleSwearFilter allows you to toggle the swearword filter on and off

db!toggleJoinMessage allows you to toggle the join message on and off

db!setJoinMessage allows you to set the join message

The join and leave messages use a special notation

The documentation can be found here:

To make the bot stop listening for commands in a channel read this guide