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Vortex Vortex#8540
Moderation / Auto-Moderation / Logging

Vortex: Discord Moderation Bot

ℹ Purpose

Vortex is a bot designed to keep your server safe and your staff team organized. Its moderation and logging suite keep track of your members and keep your moderators accountable. Its auto-moderator capabilities also allow it to filter out certain types of behavior without need for human intervention, lightening the load on the staff team. Finally, Vortex is designed to be fast and easy to use.

ℹ Features

  • Moderation command suite
    • Ban, Softban, Kick, Mute, Strike, Pardon
    • Easy to use commands - no –flags or confusing syntax!
    • All commands allow multiple targets and setting reasons
  • Timed bans and mutes
  • Anti-Raid Mode
  • Extensive logging
    • Message edit and delete logs
    • Server activity logs
    • Moderation logs
    • Voice logs
  • Configurable Auto-Moderation
    • Prevent advertisement and referrals
    • Prevent spam and copypastas
    • Prevent name hoisting
  • Customization (bot prefix, log timezone, moderator role)

ℹ History and Motivation

Vortex started as a bot to stop mass-mention spammers in their tracks and delete advertisements. At the time, it was becoming almost a daily occurrence that someone using a selfbot or other spam tool would join a server and start mentioning as many different people at once. Additionally, it was meant to be able to perform moderation actions en-masse, like banning a long list of people. Over time it also gained some other simple features like detecting and removing spammed messages, preventing raids, and some basic logging.

ℹ About the Developer

That’s me! I’m jagrosh#4824 (113156185389092864), and I’ve been moderating Discord servers and developing bots for over 2 years. I’ve been programming for over 10 years, and also graduated from college with a degree in Computer Science. I own several large servers, including the Monster Hunter Gathering Hall (60,000+ members), the Yggdrasil Treehouse (25,000+ members), Discord Giveaways (10,000+ members), and my bot development server (7,500+ members). I also moderate on servers such as Discord Bots, Zelda Universe, Cleverbutts, and several bot support servers. I’m also the author of a few semi-popular bots such as JMusicBot, GiveawayBot, and Yggdrasil. My experiences managing these servers, as well as feedback and usage of my bots on other servers, has shown me many of the common issues that servers face when it comes to poor behavior and moderation inconsistency. I’ve built Vortex to try to solve as many of these issues as possible!