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Auttaja Auttaja#5453
An all-in-one moderation bot with a punishments system, auto moderation, and deleted and edited message logs.

Quick Start

Invite the bot to your server, make sure you include all requested permissions from the invite link (we only ask for what we need). Then run -setup to get started!


  • Auto moderation features,
    • Anti-spam, with auto-mute,
    • Zalgo text removal,
    • Malicious link detection,
    • Anti admin abuse, automatically demote abusive admins who try to nuke the server,
    • Full user reports system to allow users to make reports about other users making the moderation staff’s job easier,
    • Raid detection, automatically quarantine raiders before they can act.
  • Comprehensive invite logging,
    • Track which invite each user joins from,
    • See who created the invite to track down ones used for raiding,
    • Even identifies those mysterious nameless invites.
  • Three types of new user verification,
    • VPN detection, users go through a link they are sent in DM to be verfied and gain access,
    • -agree system that prompts people to read the server rules before being allowed access,
    • Moderator approval, users much wait in a channel for a moderator to approve their access,
    • Password mode, users must send Auttaja a DM with the servers set password to gain access.
  • Customizable welcome messages,
    • Option to generate images,
    • Leave messages as well.
  • Punishments system,
    • Warnings, kicks, bans, and mutes are all logged with optional reasons,
    • System in place for users to appeal their punishments.
  • Nickname requests system,
    • Require moderator approval before a user can change their nickname.
  • Customizable prefix!
  • Self-assignable roles system.
  • Disable individual commands in your server.
  • Custom commands, useful for information moderators need to repeat often.
  • Voting/polling system(Currently being reworked)
  • “Fun” commands,
    • osu! profile lookup (with awesome image generation),
    • Weather lookup,
    • Local time lookup,
    • Dictionary definition lookup,
    • AFK command,
    • Twitter integration, post to Twitter right from Discord!