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Yggdrasil Yggdrasil#4195
Owners: jagrosh , Wapour Vave , cats , splitpixl Library:
Fun! Soundboard! Games! Phones! Pranks! Shipping! TTS! Racing!

Yggdrasil is only officially available at the following locations:

Adding Yggdrasil from any other source is at your own risk and may not be legitimate.

Type `--help` to see the commands!


Would two people be the perfect couple? Or should they start looking for someone else? Find out!

Use --ship @username @secondusername to see how compatible two users are! Yggdrasil will calculate their compatibility using a super-secret algorithm! Want to see how compatible friends are? Try the --friendscore command!

Screenshot showing usage of ship command


Race with your friends to see who comes out on top! There are tons of cars to choose from! From the 2010 YMC Feral, to the 2120 Kyber Saber!

Use --race [car] to start up a race lobby with your favorite car, or include no car to get a random car out of your garage!

Use --garage to see all of the cars you have in your garage, with unique stats, liveries, and descriptions for every car!

Screenshot showing an example race

Fidget Spinners!

Now you can compete with your friends (and everyone else) to see who can spin a fidget spinner the longest!

Type --spinner [type] to start spinning your fidget spinner. Replace [type] with the type of spinner you want to spin! Some of the available spinner types include: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Mint, Blue, Purple, and Pink

Use --spinner scores to see the current high scores. If you didn’t place, don’t worry! Scores only last a few hours, and you can keep spinning to try to get on top!

Screenshot showing usage of spinners and leaderboard

Death Battles!

Battle your friends or your enemies to see who will come out on top!

Just type --deathbattle @username to start a battle with someone, and Yggdrasil will do the rest!

Screenshot showing death battle usage


Play awesome sounds right when you need them!

Check out all of these great sounds!

--airhorn --brainpower --cena --cheer --cricket --duel --easy --fakeerror --fakeping --knocking --laurel --leeroy --myleg --numberone --oof --tooslow --trombone --vsauce --yanny

Screenshot showing how to use soundboard commands

Cross-Server Phones!

Have you always wanted to talk with other people, even if they aren’t on your server? Well now you can! Just pick up the phone and chat!

There are plenty of phones available!

--speakerphone --userphone --eyephone --flipphone --scramblephone --voicephone --fuwwyphone

To hang up, just use --hangup!

Screenshot showing example phone call

Usage of the phones is moderated and users should read the Phone Etiquette before using the phones.

Welcome Images!

Use beautiful welcome images for people that join your server to greet them!

To make these images appear, simply add !welcome! to the topic of the channel, as shown in the provided image. You can make Yggdrasil show leave messages with !goodbye! in the topic of a channel.

Donate to unlock exclusive welcome themes, such as a neon city skyline, or a view from space!

Note: You can’t upload your own background, it is randomly selected from Yggdrasil’s favorite pictures.

Screenshot showing welcome image example
Screenshot showing channel topic welcome configuration

Fun Commands!

There are a ton of random things to do while you have Yggdrasil on your server!

--pokefusion --rip --meme --joke --useless --spoilers --loading --gold --nitro --quote --standoff --pizza

Look at pictures of cute animals! --bird --cat --dog

Make decisions about life or anything! --choose First Second ... --8ball Will I succeed? --fortune --roll 3d20

Generate images using your profile picture! --icecream --toast --wanted --ball --swirl

Screenshot showing usage of standoff and icecream command

Useful Information!

Find out information about the server, its members, the bot and more!

Try checking out some info with the following commands!

--avatar @user --serverinfo --userinfo @user --about --ping --invite

Screenshot showing usage of serverinfo command