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Kotoba Kotoba#3829
k! (k!help)
A feature filled bot for Japanese learners... and weebs too!
Owner: K33 Prefix: k! (k!help)

See my website for full command documentation and examples!


k!help Show all of my commands that are enabled in this channel.

k!j Search for a Japanese word. You can use the reaction buttons to view more information too, like kanji information and example sentences.

k!kanji Search for information about a kanji.

k!strokeorder Search for kanji stroke order diagrams and graphics.

k!quiz Test your knowledge! I have kanji and kana reading quizzes for all levels, plus English vocabulary quizzes.

k!leaderboard Check your place on the quiz leaderboard. Users have correctly answered more than a million questions so far!

k!shiritori Start a game of shiritori.

k!translate Translate text between languages.

k!furigana Render furigana for Japanese text.

k!examples Search for example sentences.

k!jukebox I will choose a Japanese song for you and send you a Youtube link. Hope you like Touhou and vocaloid!

k!weblio Search the dictionary for a Japanese word.

k!pronounce Search for pronunciation information about a certain word.

k!random Search Jisho for a random word. You can specify a JLPT or 漒怜 level if you want. Example: k!random N3, k!random 2k

k!settings Configure my settings, including prefix.

k!about Show some meta information about me.