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Rock Puppy #3209
-rp or @Rock Puppy#3209
Ryan #5872
A friendly Doggo! 8ball, Connect-4, Reminders, Russian Roulette, Shipping, Tarot, Tic-Tac-Toe, Trivia, Truth or Dare, Would You Rather & more...
Owner: Ryan #5872 Prefix: -rp or @Rock Puppy#3209

A loyal Doggo at your service

I’m a very passionate doggo that loves to serve. I’m very playful and will support you any way I can!

What I can do

  • Config / Customization
    • Custom prefixes and deletion of default -rp prefix. Use -rp help prefix for help on this.
    • Certain game customization, like Trivia and Russian Roulette.
    • Server configuration of specific commands (disabling & enabling), and bot bans.
    • & more…
  • Fun
    • 8Ball
    • Connect-4
    • Dice rolls
    • Russian Roulette
    • Shipping, can be very fun with all the name variations and display picture combinations in the cute little heart!
    • Tarot readings
    • Tic-Tac-Toe
    • Trivias
    • Truth or Dare
    • Would You Rather
    • & more…
  • Utility / Mod / Etc…
    • Discord User/Server information
    • Gaia Online related commands
    • Mod tools such as muting, temp banning and more…
    • Polls, use line breaks for options!
    • Reminders
    • Tags
    • & more…

A few fun commands to get you started…

Command What it is
8ball Magic 8ball!
conn Connect-4!
rusr Russian Roulette! (Up to 16 players)
ship Shipping!
tord Truth or Dare? With Categories! (Up to 16 players)
ttt Tic-Tac-Toe!
wyr Would You Rather!
Add your prefix before each command name, the default is -rp i.e. -rp help for the list of commands.
Mentioning @Rock Puppy#3209 will always be available as a prefix.

Before you add me…

The default permissions can be changed to what ever you desire, they are like that to enable everything by default. Alternatively, if you’re on a server that Rock Puppy is in, you can run the inviteme command.

There is a heavy reliance on Embeds, so make sure Embed Links is enabled.

The help system uses emojis for pagination, allowing you to go through “pages” of commands by just reacting, so make sure Add Reactions is enabled for the bot. Alternatively, you can input a page number, i.e. help 2 for page 2.