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Ser Aymeric#7254
? or custom
Owner: unknown#0000 Library:
Music & playlists, Discord analytics, profiles & levels, Twitter, Reddit, FFXIV, Twitch & Picarto notif
Owner: unknown#0000 Prefix: ? or custom

See our website for a full list of features & feature previews.

This is a must-have for any Discord!

  • Changeable command prefix
  • Stream music from YouTube & create your own music playlists
  • Profiles & levelling
  • Custom commands with customisable permissions, multiple action-types & the ability to allow your members to manage their own roles
  • Moderation commands & auto-moderator
  • Live streamer notifications for Twitch, YouTube, Picarto & Mixer
  • Subscribe to Twitter & Reddit posts
  • Discord analytics: see the growth and activity of your Discord over time
  • Giveaways
  • Timers
  • A whole bunch of amazing features for those who play Final Fantasy XIV

…and so much more