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Ser Aymeric Ser Aymeric#7254
Ser Aymeric is a professional and feature-rich Discord bot. Features include FFXIV, moderation, music, custom commands, reaction roles, giveaways, timers, reddit and twitter feeds and more!

Ser Aymeric

Ser Aymeric is a professional and feature-rich Discord bot that does the job of 5 popular bots in one, created in February 2017. Over the years Ser Aymeric’s features have grown to provide for all a Discord community can need, moderation, giveaways, streaming with Twitch, Mixer and Picarto support, Twitter and Reddit feeds, a level-up as you chat system with rewards, music, reaction roles, powerful custom commands and timers and even statistics so you can see how your community is performing over time!

Useful Information

Ser Aymeric’s command prefix is ? but this can be changed at any time using the ?setprefix command. Please use the ?help command to review a paginated list of detailed command information.

Ser Aymeric’s features and commands are fully customisable, from whether they are enabled, to who can use them and in which channels. Commands constitute only a portion of the bot’s features and the rest can be managed from your Discord’s web dashboard when you invite the bot.

On inviting the bot, your Discord will gain access to more pages on our website dedicated for your community including chat leaderboards.

For more information see our website, we have created a detailed knowledge base that may give you a better overview of the bot’s functionality.


We offer great rewards for premium subscribers, including music, with a reaction controlled music player, reaction roles an embed editor, and statistics so that you can review how your Discord is doing over time.

Premium allows you to “gift” the service to up to 3 Discord servers of your choosing for the same price as a Spotify subscription.