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Skuld #7726
sk! (Guild Changeable)
exsersewo #1024
A quaint discord bot that does a little bit of everything.
Owner: exsersewo #1024 Prefix: sk! (Guild Changeable)

So. I know what you may be asking, “What does this bot do that a lot of others already do, and better?”

Well, for that, I have no answer.

But may I direct you to the stuff it can do?


These commands allow you to perform actions to users AND roles, so when you want to perform a group hug with people? You can. There are many great actions you can perform, such as; the aforementioned hug, poke, slap, stab (this one has a HP counter ;) ), punch, pet, shrug, adore, etc.


What bot doesn’t have an economy? Well, any that don’t need it (but that’s beside the point). This is where you can do account based stuff too, like setting your description (Markdown is supported when embeds are enabled).


Now, as for this module, what more besides admin and settings for the bots are you looking for?

This module allows you to set welcome and leave messages and the channel for each, for example, if you want it publically broadcasted that someone joined? Whilst privately logging the people that left? You can. Why? Idk. This is also where you can server-wide disable modules (Don’t disable the admin module otherwise you won’t be able to re-enable it). You can also change the prefix here.


What’s in here? Basically the bulk of the bot. Here you can expect things like cats, dogs, dadjokes, roasts, pasta commands, xkcd, cowsay, just basic stuff like that. Just enough stuff to keep you guys entertained and using the bot (I hope).


Question, why do you need to know what the help command does?


This module gives you information about; Users, Roles, the Server, Avatars, Emojis, it can also give you a list of moderators (People who can at least Kick Users and Manage Messages) and Admins (People with Administrator) P.S. Bot’s with the permissions aren’t listed.

I have a question…. Do you consider yourself passive agressive? Yes? Well, there’s a brilliant command in Skuld that generates a LetMeGoogleThatForYou link command for you to send to people who don’t understand how to google something. It can also do some other basic stuff like gives you information about the first 6 generations of pokemon, get twitch users, search google/imgur/youtube, anime/manga, give true definition of words, etc.


This module is basically just Skuld saying: “Hi, I’ve been online for x amount of time, and this is how many System Resources I’m using: “

I hope you enjoyed reading this and for using Skuld (If you are or are planning on using her), it means a lot that you are. ❤️