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Custom Money/Economy/Currency Per Server | Casino Games | Moderation | Store Items | Role Income
Owner: unbelievable 🍕 Prefix: ! or @mention or custom

Are you looking for a good multi-purpose discord bot? Have you looked at UnbelievaBoat?

You should, and here’s why.

Fully functional economy system:

Members can earn money from chatting, playing games, or running any of the income commands on a customisable cooldown that you have set up for your server.

Plenty of games for your members to play:

Various casino style games like blackjack, roulette, and a slot-machine.
All of which can be configured to suit your server.

Easy to use moderation commands:

All of your usual moderation commands like ban and kick, but also more granular ones like soft-ban (a kick with message delete) and mute (prevent those trolls from talking for a few days) and temp-ban (easily ban them for a duration in a single command)

Automated moderation commands:

You can even have the bot do the work for you by having it moderate invite links posted by unapproved people or mention spam.

Plenty of server management features:

You can use the bot to help run your server as well, with things like self-roles that your members can give to themselves without the need for staff assistance. As well as setting up auto-roles.

You can also get detailed server information from the bot.

You can set up a “gate keeper” channel so that any new members are required to read a specific channel (i.e. #rules) and look for the key word needed to see the rest of the server.

You can also configure custom welcome and leave messages that can be posted to the various log channels.

Lots of other fun and helpful commands are also included:

There are even more helpful features and commands included as well, like quote, say, remind, dog, cat, dad-joke, and many more.

So what are you waiting for, get yourself the single greatest multi-purpose discord bot today!

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