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Belphegor Belphegor#0249
Lazy bot that provide music, moderation, image search, and random stuff that the owner think up.

Hello, I’m a lazy bot. Now excuse me I have to go to sleep.
Bot commands:

  • Search up Otogi: Spirit Agents (look, a game no one plays) daemon info and simulate jewel summon.
  • Search up PSO2 weapons/items and EQ alert.
  • Music (Youtube, Soundcloud…)
  • Random image from various boards.
  • Reminder.
  • Server moderation/log/custom prefixes.
  • Board games. For now only one game is available but I can add more if there’s enough feedback and I become less lazy.
  • Some niche features that may or may not actually be useful. Like calculator. And I’m not talking about 1+1=2 but something like is_prime_number(n) = 1 - sign(sigma(k, 1, ⌊sqrt(n)⌋)(1 - sign(n%k)) - 1)
  • Or ASCII art. Wew.
  • Other misc stuff.
  • Default prefixes are >> and bot mention.