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Yuuki-chan #5183
Owners: Erisa #9999 , Snoot 🐾 #4759 Library:
Free and open-source bot for Discord, with many utility commands!
Owners: Erisa #9999 , Snoot 🐾 #4759 Prefix: yuuki

Free and open-source general-purpose bot for Discord!

The bot has many features, from fun to practical, so we recommend visiting the list of commands on the wiki to find out more about them all!


You can invite the publicly usable version of the bot (i.e, this bot as listed) or host your own version to gain full control and access to owner commands.

Important Information

Use of this bot is at your own discretion. The bot’s current code is viewable on the GitHub repository, feel free to review the code to verify its safety. The creator(s) of this code accept no responsibility for any repercussions that occur as a result of adding this bot.

The @Yuuki-Chan help command on the publicly running bot should always show the commit hash of the running code (If a version is shown, omit the first g after that version to get the commit hash) For example at time of writing the bot returns 990bcb5, which corresponds to this code state.