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X Bot X Bot#6957
> or @X Bot#6957 (configurable via >cfg)
Multi-purpose bot used for setting reminders, giving cookies and hugs to people and much more
Owner: GHXX Prefix: > or @X Bot#6957 (configurable via >cfg)

X Bot - The one and only utility bot

Provides quite a lot of commands. Many are utility commands, such as:

  • setting reminders,
  • getting cookies by running commands
  • and then gambling with them! (Alternatively you can also brag)

You can however also

  • play rock paper scissors & hangman
  • take part in the daily cookie lottery
  • hug your friends
  • kick and ban mean members
  • configure many aspects of the bot
  • mute people for a given time (if muted people rejoin then the mute is added again if the mute-time is not expired yet)
  • evaluating logic circuits (for the geeks among users)
  • and much more!

All commands are described in the >help command. To get specific info about a command you can type >help [command] or >help [group] [subcommand] Additionally you can configure the bot by using the >cfg command.

Optimal uptime is ensured by X Watchdog, yet another discord bot i made, which is only there to look at X Bot 24/7.

If you want to disable some commands for users then you can do so in the settings menu.

So, who will be the winner of the next lottery? Do you want to find out?