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Atlas Atlas#2867
Custom Library
Levels, music, custom commands, powerful triggers, moderation, a web dashboard/leaderboard, reaction roles and more.

The default prefix is / through slash commands. Do /setup for information on how to setup Atlas once you invite it, commands from plugins will only show up once that plugin has been enabled.

Need help? Visit our support server for help with any issues you run into.

Atlas is a multi-purpose bot with a focus on high quality and user-friendly features. Each plugin is like a separate bot and they all work together to give you the best, most customisable experience possible.


The dashboard is the central hub of Atlas. Here you can configure your server to fit your needs in a beautiful and easy to use interface.


Actions can be used to create rich custom commands with a variety of options. They’re not just limited to commands either, by changing the trigger type you can change how Atlas runs the script. For example, you could create your own context menu item that gets the notes for a user.

There is a community-managed repo of actions that you can use or you can create your own with our in-depth documentation.


The gatekeeper plugin can be used to greet new members with a warm welcome when they join your server, and give them any necessary information they might need.


Levels can be used to encourage server activity and reward users for being active. You can configure level rewards that are given for achieving certain levels, which could be used to unlock parts of the server for more advanced members, let them bypass filters or more.


The log plugin can be used to create in-depth logs of everything happening in your server. Select the events you want to be logged and where to send them and Atlas does the rest, including as much information as possible.


The moderation plugin can be used for manual and automatic moderation. The moderation plugin has extensive filtering capabilities, allowing you to filter out unwanted messages and punish the user however you want. The cases the moderation plugin provide when users are punished can be used for tracking exactly what actions moderators took against users and why they thought it was necessary.


The roles plugin provides customisable reaction roles and join roles, with support for button reaction roles and custom filtering for whether users can get a specific reaction role.


Starboards allow users to star ⭐ messages and send them to a special channel to highlight them. The star emoji is customisable and can be changed to a custom guild emoji or a regular emoji. Starboards can support restrictions, so you could prevent messages starred in staff channels from going to the starboard, or configure a second starboard that takes priority to send starred staff messages to a private staff starboard channel.


The utilities plugin provides useful utilities for managing your server - import emojis by url or the emoji itself, get information on a user, quote a message even across servers, schedule reminders, create reusable tags for repetitive messages and much more. There are over two dozen high quality commands to make your life easier.


Tickets let members get one-one-one by opening a private channel to talk to staff, with support for archiving tickets in a separate channel.

And more!

And more! Check out or documentation for help with Atlas and all of its plugins, or join our support server for help with any issues you run into.