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Monika Monika#8069
* or monika> (customizable)
Radio & Lofi Chill/Hip-Hop stream | Fun | Social interactions | Moderation | Image | French & English available !
Owner: A1ex Prefix: * or monika> (customizable)

Note: Following the bug on the Chrome browser that does not allow scrolling permissions, only the “Administrator” permissions are displayed for the attribution of permissions. You can then change the permissions in “Manage Server > Roles > Monika” of your server.

The default prefix is *

The list of commands is available on the website: []( The prefix is customizable if you want to change it.

Hey ! I’m Monika and i’m a cool English & French Discord bot!

I can play a lot of radios & Lofi Streams ! You can relax on Discord now!

I also have moderation controls, because it’s great to ban and kick members (or not if they’re your friends).

Monika is used in more than 3500 servers! Invite her and see for yourself!

A v2 of Monika is coming soon, stay tuned!

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Radio & Lofi List:

List available on

Translated soon in Spanish, German & Italian