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PabloBot PabloBot#1343
The ultimate bot that replaces multiple bots! Including, Role Messages, Video Game Statistics, COVID-19 Statistics, Pokémon Information, Minecraft Information, Twitch Chat Tools and Moderation Tools


The ultimate bot that replaces multiple bots!

This bot can make use of multiple features that can reduce the bot count in your server. The main code is based on the JDA API and is using it’s own API to load and use plugins. Below are the features of what the bot does currently.

At the moment, the bot has currently 9 plugins. This may change in the future.

  • ChatTools => Moderation Tools that help server administrators out.

    • Includes mute, kick and ban commands.
    • Clear channel command which clears messages (max. 100).
    • Context Menu Items
      • Grabs a Users Profile Picture
        • Guild
        • Globally
      • Grabs a Users Profile Banner
      • Grab a Users Accent Color
  • GameStats => Game Statistics, grabs statistics from several video games.

    • Fortnite
      • User Statistics
        • Keyboard & Mouse
        • Controller
        • Touch
      • Current Item Shop
      • Current Map
      • Weapon Infomation
      • Item Information
      • Fish Information
      • News
        • Battle Royale
        • Save the World
        • Creative
    • Apex Legends
      • News
      • User Statistics
        • PC
        • PlayStation
        • Xbox
    • Overwatch
      • User Statistics
      • User MMR Statistics
      • User Last Match
    • You may request more games if you join the Discord and suggest some more ideas for the bot.
  • Covid19 => COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Statistics. Data is provided by and

    • Grabs Global Data
    • Grabs Continent Data
    • Grabs Country Data
    • Grabs US State Data
    • Grabs Canada Province Data
  • InteractionRoleMessages => Allows you to create role messages to assign roles or de-assign roles for users.

    • Button Role Messages
    • Select Menu Role Messages
  • TwitchChatLinker => Twitch Streamer Tools.

    • Announces when a streamer goes live
    • Links Discord and Twitch Chat
  • MuzicJamz => Plays Music in a Voice Channel.

    • YouTube
      • Search Queries are grabbed from here.
    • SoundCloud
    • Twitch
    • Vimeo
    • Bandcamp
    • Direct HTTP Audio URLs
  • MinecraftInfo => Grabs Minecraft-related information.

    • Hypixel Statistics
      • Player Information
      • Skywars Statistics
      • Bedwars Statistics
      • Speed UHC Statistics
    • Minecraft Server Information
      • Java Edition
      • Bedrock Edition
    • Minecraft Information
      • Skins (Java Edition)
      • UUID (Java Edition)
      • Name History (Java Edition)
      • Crafting & Furnace Recipes (1.18)
  • DiscordActivities => Lets you play games or watch YouTube Together using Discords new Voice Channel Activity feature.

  • PokémonInformation => Grabs Pokémon Information from Generation I to VIII.

    • Pokémon
    • Moves
    • Machines
    • Berries

The bot is on a friends hosted server up 24/7. Any downtime is due to maintenance of the bot.

For more information about Pablo!, visit