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>, @mention or custom
Owner: ToxicMushroom#2610 Library:
Melijn is a multipurpose bot with over 120 commands. Music 🔊, Moderation⚒, Logging📜, Verification✔, Permissions🔒 and much more :3
Owner: ToxicMushroom#2610 Prefix: >, @mention or custom

For detailed and up2d8 information you should go to my website:

Melijn’s prefix is > by default but you can always use @melijn#0111 as prefix if you changed it and forgot.

To get a quickstart guide use >help


  • Youtube (video and streams)
  • SoundCloud
  • Spotify (artist’s top tracks, tracks, albums, playlists)*
  • Twitch
  • Attachments
  • URL’s pointing to an audio file or stream

*Spotify does not support playing their audio. As a solution we get the tracks and search the title and author on soundcloud and youtube.


  • Logging: Message deletion (also content), punishments, attachments, reactions, music, chat-filter (Can all be set to their own TextChannel)
  • Punishments: ban, softban, tempban, unban, mute, tempmute, unmute, kick, warn, history -> the bot will dm the punishment to the target user if possible with your provided reason ect.
  • Disable and enable commands
  • Disable commands in specific channels
  • Full permission system (can be bound to role, user, user channel or role channel) for command access
  • chat-filter (chicken can be denied while chickensoup can be allowed)
  • clear messages or an entire channel
  • welcome messages with variables (embed support)
  • selfrole system (with reactions)
  • full verification and antiraid (google reCaptcha, reaction or a password)
  • custom commands (embed support, multiple reactions, chances, prefix)


  • serverinfo, userinfo
  • roles and role
  • emotes
  • ping
  • metrics (how much and when commands we’re used (not by whom))
  • private prefixes
  • private embed color
  • avatar (highest quality discord offers)
  • info and stats about the bot
  • unicode
  • raw
  • urban


  • spookify, spookifyGif, blurple(Gif), invert(Gif) [Image]
  • hug, kiss, shoot, slap, cry, ect.. [anime]
  • cat, dog, alpaca, bird, nyan, fox, panda, koala