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YottaBot #3028
LordHawk #0001
A highly customizable levelling and moderation focused Discord bot with voice xp, toggleable reaction roles, deleted messages and attachments logging, and many more very useful features

Get started

Like any other bot, the help command will list all the other commands and using help (command) will show you the correct usage for a specified command, note that all commands have to be prefixed with your server’s prefix (duh) and the default prefix is y!

It is recommended to first have a look at the configs command so you can customize the bot’s behaviour to your liking before using its features

The default permission for any command is usually the closest normal Discord permission you would need to have to do whatever a command does without using the bot, for example, the default required permission for the mute command is Manage Roles, because that is the permission you would need to have to manually give the mute role to a member, however, you might not want to give this dangerous permission to every staff member you want to be able to mute people, in this case, the perm command will let you overwrite the default permission requirements for any command