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haha yes#1616
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Bot who can browse subreddit/4chan and download vid from a lot of website! can also setup your own auto response with some unique feature!

Haha yes

This bot have some really fun commands and originals one!

He can send tweet from discord!
He can browse some subreddit and 4chan!
He can send your message in a tts ( text-to-speech ) with either google tts/Microsoft sam or dectalk & even play it in voice chat if wanted!
He can download video from different website ( youtube/facebook/twitter ( with “–alt” argument at the end ) )

The bot also have custom autoresponse that the user can set ( the user just need manage message permissions )

Have a starboard/shameboard where you can choose the emote and the minimum amount to go in the starboard

say command witch can use random word from dictionary

He can detect a music from a video

Translate what you send into a language you choose!

Custom welcome/leave message for user

you can use all these thing on say/tag and join/leave message!
[member] // send 1 random member from the server ( will always be the same if used multiple time
[memberRand] // same as above but will always be random
[number] // random number
[author] // the author of the message