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Rias Rias#4357
r! or rias
Rias is a general multi purpose bot with a lot of commands, anime, waifu, and administration.
Owner: Koneko Prefix: r! or rias

Build your harem

Claim any waifu you want from anime using hearts. Complete your harem and show it to the others. You can make a waifu special or create one just for yourself. Popular claimed waifus get more expensive.

Show yourself

Complete your profile. Buy a background cover. Change its color. Make it beautiful.

Anime, manga and characters searching

You can search any anime, manga or character using their names or IDs from AniList. Show your favourites to others.

Entertain the new users

Set a greet message for the new users and/or a bye one to show the others that the ones who left didn’t know the value of your server. You can also set an auto-assignable role for evey new person so that he/she can feel a part of the family.

Server xp, leveling and role rewards

Your active users receive XP for their activity. You can set some roles to be rewarded at certain levels.

Server moderation

You can kick, ban, warn, set a warning punishment, or mute a user for a certain time for their bad behaviour. All these can be logged in a channel as well.

I’m based on modules and submodules. Each module has submodules and each submodule has commands. Type r!modules to get a list with all modules and submodules. Type r!commands <moduleName> or r!commands <submoduleName> to get a list with all commands from the module or submodule. Example: r!commands Administration, r!commands Server Type r!allcommands to get a list with all commands. Check the commands here.

Support this project!

I’m running 24/7 on a dedicated server. This server is not cheap and it provides high resources for me to run smooth and fast. Patreon