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Pepe Pepe#6929
Pepe brings up the VoiceManagement of your guild to a new level. He can create voice channel for members and help to moderate them.

Custom Voicechats

Pepe is here to help you managing custom voices on your Discord guild! Let your community set up their own voice channels without granting them more permissions, just let Pepe do the work.

Pepe have follow functions:

  • Custom voice category
  • Channel creator have the perms to kick others
  • Channel creator can make the channel invite only
  • Roomsaze can be changed to any vaule between 2 and 16
  • Channel owner can set a special roomname
  • Bad words can be added to the roomname filter πŸ™‚
  • If channel creator leaves the room, secound joiner get perms
  • Channels will be deleted after last user left


Command Sub-Command Description
p!size Change the size of your channel to a vaule between 2 and 16
p!name Change the name of your channel
p!open Open your voice to the public
p!close Close your voice and make it invite-only
p!kick Kick a member out of your voice
p!invite Invite a member to your closed voice channel
p!setup This will setup a new category whith all needed channel please don’t touch it Invoker need *MANAGE_GUILD permission to do this
p!voice List all sub-commands Invoker need *KICK_MEMBERS permission to do this and its sub-commands
p!voice createchannelname Define a name for your createchannel
p!voice addrole Add a role, which will have full acces to all private channel (Cannot be kicked out of channel)
p!voice removerole Remove the roles, so it will not longer have full acces to all private channel
p!voice clear In case of any Errors or when the Discord Server was crashed or the Bot, you can reset the voices or just delete all voices
p!voice add Add words to the channel name filter system
p!voice remove Remove words from the channel name filter system
p!voice search Search for words in the channel name filter system
p!voice list List all channel filters and roles which have acces to private channel
p!voice info Shows information for a custom channel
p!voice score Shows up a score for all members with total ammount of kicks, use score voice to see the score of currently connected members