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GhostBot GhostBot#5578
gb. or gb!
The best Danny Phantom bot out there
Owner: duncte Prefix: gb. or gb!


GhostBot is a discord bot made for Danny Phantom fans.

This bot will fill your voice channel with ghostly sounds and your text channels with ghostly images.

The best part of this bot is that it allows you to read fan comics within discord, the curent comics that you can read in discord with this bot are 5 years later and Doppelgänger

Current Command list (might be incomplete):

    gb.wail: Gives you a nice ghostly wail
    gb.fruitloop: You're one crazed up fruitloop
    gb.image: Gives you a random Danny Phantom related image from google
    gb.gif: Gives you a random Danny Phantom gif Search the Danny Phantom wiki
    gb.wikiuser: Search wikia for users. Your avarage help command
    gb.about: Gives some information about the bot
    gb.quote: gives you a random and totally correct Danny Phantom quote
    gb.5yl: Allows you to read the 5 years later comic within discord
    gb.5ylwiki: Search the 5 years later wiki
    gb.iss: Does something