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Stalwartle Stalwartle#9643
s. or @mention
Owners: Dwigoric , Dolliwyx Library:
Comes with music, flexible moderation, AFK system, memes, and utility commands. You can edit your timezone on certain timestamps, and more!
Owners: Dwigoric , Dolliwyx Prefix: s. or @mention

Unique Features

Music (w/ history & playlist)

With a sound equalizer, you can play your favorite online radio (.m3u, .pls), SoundCloud tracks, or your favorite meme song! More information on Music.

Supported ways to play music:

  • SoundCloud
  • Bandcamp
  • Twitch
  • Vimeo

Customizable Prefix

You can customize the prefix of this bot server-wide. I mean, the aim of this bot is high customizability, so of course, this is a feature.

Bug Reports and Suggestions

If you have bug reports or suggestions, you can use the respective command or tell us directly on our support server. You can also just hang out with us there.

AFK System

This bot has a very customizable AFK system. You can remove your AFK status by using the AFK command or just by talking – whichever you want – by using the AFK toggle command (s.afktoggle). This also shows the last moment you’ve been seen (e.g. “2 hours ago”).


Did you want to be reminded of that daily reward in that MMO you always play? Or do you just want to be reminded of a monthly giveaway in an RPG? Or do you just want to be reminded to buy that item on sale but you can’t go on your desktop until later? Worry not! Stalwartle has reminders that you can customize!

Warns, Mutes, Modlogs, and much more!

Have you ever wanted to keep track of all your moderation actions? We just have the thing for you! Stalwartle has mod logs – and in case you don’t want to log them, that is possible too! Oh, you wanted to get the warnings of a specific user? Did you want to get the mod logs of a user? Our moderation commands are perfectly flexible!

TV Show and Movie Searches

You wanna know how many seasons The Big Bang Theory has? Just run the s.tvshow command! Do you want info about movies instead? Just run the command!


Have you struggled in time zones? Worry not! This bot allows you to have your own timezone Discord-wide (well, as long as you use the bot). This applies to all time-related information except in embed timestamps. The default timezone is GMT.

Community Polls

This bot can fix most of your arguments! By using the poll command (s.poll), you can start a poll in the channel you want and have people react to the poll to settle it with votes.

Need a Die?

This bot can roll a die or multiple dice, in case you have a board game with a friend and you don’t have the necessary die and decide whether to heal yourself or attack the monster.

And much more! Invite Stalwartle to your server now!