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Cleverbot-like speech imitator.
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Here is a list of available commands for Eve:
If there is an (X) next to a command, it signifies that the command is administrator only. If you require help or wish to discuss anything, come talk to us at

[OBJECT] - Optional
<OBJECT> - Necessary

How to start:
When Eve is first invited to your server, you can immediately talk to her through the use of the --say <TEXT> command, that allows you to send messages directly. HowEver, you can assign a specific channel that Eve will reply to Every message in. You can do this by typing --assign <#CHANNEL>. A few people seemed to get confused here, but <#CHANNEL> must be mentioning a channel.


--help - Summons this menu in discord, explaining all of Eve’s commands.
--server - Invites you to Eve’s server, where you can have find help or discuss things.
--servers - This command will tell you the amount of servers that currently use Eve!
--invite - Returns a link that you can use to invite Eve into another server, such as your own.
--say <TEXT> - Allows you to converse with Eve in any channel, instead of having to assign her to a certain channel beforehand.
--avatar <USERID> - A little bit self explanatory, but Eve will return the avatar source of which user the ID belongs to. The specified user doesn’t need to be in any mutual servers.
--avatarlink <USERID> - The same command as above but instead of returning an embed, returns the link of the source instead.
--ping - Pong! Now with added ping pong. :)
--feedback <FEEDBACK> - Submits some feedback into #feedback in the --server.
--suggest <SUGGESTION> - Submits a suggestion into #suggestions in the --server.
--report <ISSUE/BUG> - Submits a bug report into #bug-reports in the --server. This is not for reporting specific people.
--count [USER] - This will tell you how many messages this user has sent to Eve. If [USER] is left blank, it will tell you how many messages you’ve sent. [USER] can either be blank, a username, or a mention.
--leaderboard - This command brings up the global leaderboard for Eve’s highest counts. This also shows the total messages sent to Eve.
(X) --prefix <PREFIX> - This allows you to change Eve’s prefix for the server you’re currently in. If you don’t specify one with the command, it will return the current prefix.
(X) --purge <NUMBER> - Purges the specified amount of messages.
(X) --assign <#CHANNEL> - Assigns Eve to any mentioned channel. - Ensure she has permissions to speak in the channel.
(X) --unassign - Unassigns Eve from any previously assigned channel.
(X)--responsetype [TEXT|EMBED] - Decides on how the responses from Eve are to be returned. This doesn’t affect the –say command. The default value of this command is TEXT, which just types out the response instead of embedding it.