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Owner: Andre_601#0601 Library:
A bot made in JDA using the API

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This bot was made to use the What started as a simple and easy bot became quite a big bot, that is now even on the official Discord of!


Default Prefix: . (You can change it with the prefix command)

Permission is the permission you require to use the commands of that category. <arguments> are required, [arguments] are optional and ... means you can use multiple arguments.


Permission: None

Command: Arguments: Description:
Cuddle <@user ...> Cuddles the mentioned user(s).
Fakegit Creates a fake commit-message with help of whatthecommit
Holo Gives an image of Holo from Spice and wolf.
Hug <@user ...> Hugs the mentioned user(s).
Kiss <@user ...> Kisses the mentioned user(s).
Kitsune Shows a image of a kitsune (foxgirl)
Neko Shows a image of a neko from
[--gif] Shows a gif-image of a neko from
[--slide] Creates a slideshow with 30 images (Combination with –gif possible).
Pat <@user ...> Pats the mentioned user(s).
Poke <@user ...> Pokes the mentioned user(s).
Ship <@user> [@user] Ships you (or another user) with someone.
Slap <@user ...> Slaps the mentioned user(s).
Tickle <@user ...> Tickles the mentioned user(s).


Permission: Manage Server

Command: Arguments: Description:
Prefix Shows the current prefix for the Discord.
set <prefix> Sets the provided prefix for the Guild.
reset Resets the prefix to the default one.
Welcome Shows the current welcome-settings.
channel set <#channel> Change the channel to the mentioned one.
channel reset Resets the channel.
color set <color> Change the text color. Supported args are hex:rrggbb or rgb:r,g,b
color reset Resets the text color.
image set <image> Changes the image. <image> can be a image from the wiki.
image reset Resets the image.
msg set <msg> Changes the greeting message.
msg reset Resets the greeting message to “Welcome {mention}!”
test [image] [color] [msg] Creates a test-image with an optional image and text color.


Permission: None

Command: Arguments: Description:
Emote <:emote:> Displays info about an emote.
[--search] The bot will try to find an emote in the last 100 messages.
Guild Shows info about the guild.
Help Will display all commands available.
[command] Shows info about the provided command.
Info Shows some info about the bot.
[--dm] Sends the info in DM.
Invite Shows you some links.
[--dm] Sends you the links in DM.
Ping Checks the ping. (Time the bot takes to edit the message.)
[--api] Checks the ping to the Discord-API.
Quote <messageID> [#channel] Quotes a message. It has to be in the same channel or the channel has to be mentioned.
Stats Shows stats about the Bot. (Discords she’s online, Text and VoiceChannels, etc.)
User Gives info about you.
[@user] Gives info about the mentioned user.


Permission: None Extra: This command ONLY works in NSFW-labeled channels.

Command: Arguments: Description:
Fuck <@user> Sends a invite to a user to have sex with you. He/she can accept or deny the request.
Lesbian Returns a gif of lesbian.
Lewd Shows a image of a lewd neko from
[--gif] Shows a gif-image of a lewd neko from
[--slide] Creates a slideshow with 30 images (Combination with –gif possible)
Yurifuck <@user> Similar like .fuck, but with females only >wO

Inviting the bot

The bot has two invite-links: A full invite and a basic invite.

Full invite

The link for the full invite gives *Purr* all permissions, to work properly and without any issues. The permissions include:

  • Managing messages: Will be used to delete certain commands of users like .invite or .info
  • Adding reactions: Nothing really special. Just makes *Purr*’s responses a bit different.
  • Attach files: Used for the welcome-channel (.welcome), to create a image for the joined user.
  • Use of external emojis: For using external (custom) emojis.
  • All permissions of the basic invite.

Basic invite

The basic invite will only give the most necessary permissions for *Purr* to work correctly. This permissions are:

  • See messages: Let *Purr* see all channels, that don’t have channel-specific permissions.
  • Send messages: Let her send messages.
  • Embed Links: *Purr* won’t work without this permission!


*Purr* now has a integrated Votelistener that gives you a reward (currently just a role) on the Discord.
Just make sure to be on the guild and vote for the bot, to receive the special role.
Future rewards may be added.

Usefull Links