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*Purr* *Purr*#6875
A bot bringing fun, entertainment and a lot of nekos.


*Purr* is an ever-growing Discord Bot that aims to bring fun, entertainment and a lot of cute nekos (Cat girls) to you and your friends!
While other Bots rely on common APIs such as and does *Purr* not do that and instead use its very own API to provide her core features.


The Bot brings a lot of different commands to choose from.
You can find a full list of the commands on the Wiki.

The commands are split up into 4 different categories: Fun, Guild, Info and NSFW


The Fun commands try to bring you joy and entertainment.
From getting nekos (p.neko or p.neko --gif) to hugging people (p.hug <@user>) does the bot offer many different commands.


The Guild commands are useful for server owners as they allow you to change specific settings of the bot.
You can change the prefix that is used, setup a Welcome-System that greets joining people or even change the language of the bot for the Guild.

The translations are community-made and we always welcome new languages!
You can find the Crowdin Project here.


The Info commands are your commonly known one like or p.user.
Another useful commands is p.emote <:emote:|--search> to display info about a specific emote, or list all emotes posted in the past 100 messages.


The NSFW commands are probably the most unique ones as not every bot has those.
Some of the commands only provide images/gifs, while others allow you to ask another user to be naughty with you. This user can then accept or decline the request.

NSFW Commands can only be executed in channels that are set as NSFW!

Other Benefits

The Bot also has other benefits you can profit from.

High uptime

The Bot is pretty much always online.
The only downtimes happen with when the bot either has maintenance going on, or if Discord has issues (again).

ToS and CG Compliant

We try our best to always follow Discord’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
This is why we made our very own API rather than relying on other APIs, as it allows us to have more control over what is displayed towards others.

Found an inapropriate image that may be against the above mentioned Terms or Guidelines? Report it to us by either Joining our Discord Server or by sending an e-mail at support[at]