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Donation Tracker #2924
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A Clash of Clans donation management bot that tracks donations across clans and families.
  • The ultimate Clash of Clans discord bot for managing donations across clans and families.
  • Note: no donations will be reset when you join and leave the clan!

Key Features:

  1. DonationBoard: Create a live-updating table of all donations for all members in any claimed clan. This will update within 60 seconds of someone donating/receiving donations, and will persist across people leaving and rejoining.

  2. Events Logging Find out who donated to you when with an events log. If enabled, it will send a message to the channel with the people who donated and received troops in a 60sec interval. Handy for tracking and isolating people who keep on giving wrong troops.

  1. +don Find the donations of a clan, clash player, discord user or all members claimed in a server. This will persist across people leaving/joining and will be paginated where applicable.

  2. +events Find the last time a player, discord user, clan or server last donated, or find historical info about who donated when ie. 2 days, or 10 hours ago.


Donations Commands
All commands related to donations of clans, players, users and servers.

  • +donations [aliases: don]: Check donations for a player, user, clan or guild.

Events Commands
All commands related to tracking and getting history for donation events

  • +donationevents: Check recent donation events for a player, user, clan or guild.

GuildConfiguration Commands
All commands related to setting up the server for the first time, and managing configurations.

  • +accounts: Get accounts and claims for all accounts in clans in a server.

  • +add clan: Link a clan to your server. This will add all accounts in clan to the database, if not already present.

  • +add player: Manually add a clash account to the database. This does not claim the account.

  • +autoclaim: Automatically claim all accounts in server, through an interactive process.

  • +claim: Link a clash account to your discord account

  • +getclaims: Get accounts and claims for a player or discord user.

  • +add donationlog: Designate a channel for logs.

  • +remove clan: Unlink a clan from your server.

  • +unclaim: Unlink a clash account from your discord account

  • +add donationboard: Creates a donationboard channel for donation updates.