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Using Crafty you can get information about anything Minecraft such as: Username history, Java * Bedrock server info, Hypixel HiveMC WynnCraft player info, game updates, news, player skins and more!
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Crafty Bot

Crafty is a bot that focuses on everything Minecraft. Using Crafty you can receive information from Minecraft servers, players, and more in a simple easy to understand format. Using Crafty you can do the following:

  • View a player’s name history,
  • View information about any Minecraft Java & Bedrock edition server,
  • Find player’s in-game skins and download them for yourself,
  • Keep up to date with news and information coming from,
  • View information about players on Hypixel, WynnCraft and HiveMC,
  • Play a little game of Minecraft trivia with your Discord friends.


Getting Started

To Use Crafty all you need to do is invite the bot through THIS LINK, select the Discord server you would like to use Crafty on and press “Authorise”. This will now add Crafty to your selected Discord server. Crafty will automatically set up itself so you don’t have to. You now should be able to use Crafty! If you’re having troubles you can find help over on the support Discord server.


To use Crafty’s commands please use the prefix of: /


Commands in this category will provide you information about the given topic or player.

profile, names, checkName, uuid, server, serverPe, status, version, latestVersion, colors, news

Commands in this category will provide you information about a player on Hypixel, WynnCraft and HiveMC.

hypixel, hypixelStats, hypixelBoosters, hypixelWDS, hiveMC, wynnCraft

Commands in this category will either render a image or the players in-game skin or create a custom achievement base on the text you provide.

render, skin, head, achievement, randomColor

Commands in this category will keep you and your Discord friends entertained for hours and hours!

quiz, pvp, kill, fact, rockPaperShears

Built With


Tj - Owner & Lead Developer | Chinese_Marc - Developer

See also our website of contributors who participated in this project

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