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KyeKillerBot #7636
k!, @KyeKillerBot#7636 or custom
Owners: Rizon #0420 , Seren_Modz 21 #7182 Library:
KyeKillerBot is an multi-purpose bot that is easy to use and it can be customized to your liking.
Owners: Rizon #0420 , Seren_Modz 21 #7182 Prefix: k!, @KyeKillerBot#7636 or custom

About the bot

KyeKillerBot is a free multi-purpose that is easy to use and designed to be clean and fast to know about. It has all kind of features like: Moderation, Cases System, AutoMod System, Server stats, Music and so much more!

Things to note

KyeKillerbot’s default prefix is k! it’s changeable by doing k!prefixes add <your custom prefix>. All events such as messageDelete and messageUpdate are all togglable through k!toggleevents <the event you want to enable/disable>.

Our help list is designed to only show commands you are allowed to use. (Don’t worry there are protections on commands that people can’t use such as any moderation command).

We built the bot based of users feedback and improving the bot more and more everyday with updates that are fully tested and when the bot goes down due to an error it is quickly fixed to bring it back online as soon as possible.

Bot command categories


Good way to earn money on the bot to either save, gamble (We don’t promote gambling to minors) or get robbed.


Where all the fun happens on the bot!


House’s all the server, user and bot information!


All the moderation commands on the bot!


Wanna listen to music and chill? Our music is powered by lavalink!


Note: You can only see these commands if the server owner or server admin/moderator enables them by doing k!togglensfw and make sure the channel is nsfw marked!


Wanna roleplay with friends or fellow people in the server!


All the customizable features of the bot is managed here!


Add tags into your server as a knowledge base or other things!


House’s some weird commands. (Including snipe! shhhh)