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Ecchi Bot#9484
Owner: PrivateGER#4089 Library:
Fully functional NSFW bot.

EcchiBot was designed to fit all of your "needs", even if you're on Discord.

This is an NSFW only bot!


  • Image searching from many popular sites
  • User profiles
  • Ticket system
  • And much more…

General Commands:

>>help See this message.
>>invite Generate an invite link.
>>profile Show a personal user profile.
>>uptime Get the uptime of the bot.
>>ticket Send a ticket to the owner of the Bot.
>>site Get a link to the help page.
>>privacypolicy Get a link to the privacy policy.

Search commands:

>>r34 Search
>>e621 Search
>>danbooru Search Danbooru.
>>gelbooru Search Gelbooru.
>>imagebomb Send five pictures from various sites.

Specific search commands:

>>neko Get a random lewd neko picture.
>>femdom Get a random femdom picture.
>>yuri Get a random yuri picture.
>>hentai Get a random hentai picture.
>>waifu Get a random waifu picture.
>>boobs Get a random boobs picture.
>>pussy Get a random pussy picture.