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Ecchi Bot#9484
Owner: PrivateGER#4089 Library:
Fully functional NSFW bot with many options.

EcchiBot was designed to fit all of your “needs”, even if you’re on Discord.

This is an NSFW only bot!

One of the only bots with full deviantArt integration!


  • Image searching from many popular sites
  • User profiles
  • Ticket system
  • And much more…


General Commands:
>>help See this message.
>>invite Generate an invite link.
>>profile <user> Show a personal user profile.
>>uptime Get the uptime of the bot.
>>ticket <content> Send a ticket to the owner of the Bot.
>>site Get a link to the help page.
>>privacypolicy Get a link to the privacy policy.

deviantArt commands:

>>dAuser <username> Retrieve a random picture of the specified users gallery.
>>dAtop Retrieve a random picture of known artists.

Search commands:

>>r34 <tag> Search
>>e621 <tag> Search
>>danbooru <tag> Search Danbooru.
>>gelbooru <tag> Search Gelbooru.
>>imagebomb <tag> Send five pictures from various sites.

Specific search commands:

>>poke Get a random poke picture/gif. ^-^
>>wholesome Random wholesome picture. Cute :3
>>neko Get a random lewd neko picture.
>>femdom Get a random femdom picture.
>>yuri Get a random yuri picture.
>>hentai Get a random hentai picture.
>>waifu Get a random waifu picture.
>>boobs Get a random boobs picture.
>>pussy Get a random pussy picture.

Elevated Commands:

>>eval <cmd> Evaluate some Node.js Code.
>>bash <cmd> Execute bash commands.
>>update Update the bot to the latest version.