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World Time #4957
Noi #7890
A social time zone reference tool! Displays the current time for all your active members.
Owner: Noi #7890 Prefix: tz.

A social time zone reference tool!

World Time is a simple bot that acts as a quick reference for checking the current time and day for the users in your server. To use it is as simple as having your users individually add their time zone, and anyone is then free to look up the full list of current times, or those of individual users.

Why might this be useful?

Imagine that you find yourself amongst a large online community, its users scattered across the land. You feel a yearning for conversation, spurred on by a sense of boredom or unfulfillment, but none seem to be available. Many people appear on the sidebar, but they have been idle for quite some time. Surely they’re around, though?

You are a courteous one, and you do not make assumptions. You recall the concept of time zones, of different places around the world being subject to hours different from yours no matter the moment. You consider the uncomfortable idea that these people might also have lives of their own which do not often involve this chat platform. All these realizations ultimately lead to one important question: Is this even a good time for them?

Perhaps this bot can offer some enlightenment. What you do with this information is up to you.

Support the bot

World Time is and shall remain free. I have no plans to hide new or existing features behind pay-only, premium features. This is an independent hobby project and all costs associated with it come out of my pocket.

This bot has had a far greater response than I’ve ever expected, and at this point I find it difficult to pay for the server it runs on as its resource needs grow. I would greatly appreciate if you consider pitching in a little bit to cover my recurring costs by checking out my Ko-fi page:

More info

For further information, please visit the support server or the website linked above.